The 325 Foldaway is designed to give you additional passenger seating capacity while providing the flexibility needed to create space for wheelchair passengers.

The 325 Foldaway is designed to fold out of the way to create space for wheelchair passengers, while still allowing forward facing passenger seating positions when wheelchairs are not present.  This seat is designed with one handle operation to make it extremely easy for the operator to stow the seat against the wall and includes integrated 3point seat belts for added safety.

**New 325-WW Double wheelwell version has been redesigned to eliminate the use of an aisle side leg.  The new design allows for quicker installation of the seat to the vehicle, as well as easier operation of the seat in the field.

Standard Features

  • integrated 3point seat belt system
  • easy, one handle operation
  • wire mesh grid seat springs for even cushion support
  • Single passenger 325 seats work on both flat floors or over wheelwells


  • Available as a single or double passenger seat
  • Double passenger seat is available in an optional wheelwell version
  • Aisle side molded armrests
  • Grab rails
  • Vinyl or Cloth