Wheelchair Van Financing
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Easy to Apply For Your Wheelchair Van Loan & Attractive Terms

Locating sources of funding to adapt or purchase a new vehicle can sometimes be challenging. Success often depends on knowing where to look.

Keystone Coach Works will help guide you in your search, but it's important to recognize funding opportunities unique to your circumstances. For example: The Veterans Administration may have programs to cover all or part of your expenses, depending on the nature of your disability.

Other state offices, including the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Division of Developmental Services, should also be asked to assess your eligibility for additional funding. Though not covered by Medical insurance, Workman's compensation, disability or Long-Term care policies may include coverage for your type of disability.

Get Financed The Old Fashion Way

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable applying for credit online, that is no problem. You can stop in and fill out an application or download a printable version. Once completed, allow Keystone Coach Works to submit it on your behalf. 


All information on this page is subject to change at any time and without notice. Credit check required. Certain financing options are only available with minimum credit scores and down payment. The payment calculator on our site provides an estimate of payment amounts and should only be used as reference.

Mobility Rebate Incentives

Many vehicle manufacturers such as: Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda offer additional rebates only available for new wheelchair accessible vans. This gives you a little extra help when paying for your new wheelchair van. Below you find links to common web sites with more information about mobility rebates for vehicles towards mobility equipment.

Manufacturer Mobility Rebate Program Links

How Do I Get My Rebate?

In some cases this rebate can be taken out at time of purchase and in others you have to wait for it to come in the mail after purchase. Please feel free to call us if you would like more information about these options.

Payment Calculator

Use our payment calculator to get an estimate on how much your wheelchair van loan will cost per month. The payment amount you see will vary as it does not factor tax, license and other fees. Please give us a call for exact financing terms.


Frequently Asked Questions About Financing

Where do you offer financing for your vehicles?

We provide financing services for qualified buyers in Pennsylvania

Is a down payment required for a loan?

Applicants and a down payment are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Is there an application fee?

How long will my interest rate and loan offer be good?

How long will my interest rate and loan offer be good?

Interest rates and loan approvals are good for 30 days from the original loan request.

How do I apply?

You can apply through Keystone Coach Works

Is my loan assumable by another party?

Your loan is not assumable by another party.

Keep in mind:

Term limits may apply
Loan to value restrictions may apply
Down payment may apply
Tax, title, and licensing fees may apply